Review Story – The Farmer

This reminds me of a time when my dad told me about a farmer who was working in his field one day.

He noticed a man coming down the driveway and stepped out to talk with the man. Unknown to the old farmer, the man had a bad case of amnesia. The farmer approached the man with a willing heart to help him on his way. He asked three questions:

The first was normal curiosity. The farmer said,  “ Where you coming from?”   The man answered  “I don’t know.”

Then the farmer asked,  “Where are you going?”   The man answered the same “I don’t know.”

Finally asked the farmer,  ”Who are you?”   The man answered the same, “I don’t know.”

The farmer told the man,  “ Man, you are LOST!”

How we answer these questions clarifies whether we are LOST or FOUND in the Bible.

What is the rest of the story?

The farmer cares about the stranger and wants to help, so he invites the fellow up to the farmhouse where his wife is fixing lunch. They eat together and through conversation, they begin to get a picture of the man’s history. Some comments remind the farmer of where on the map this man may be from. So he brings out a map and they begin to discuss things that make sense to the man. Over dessert, he begins to see things more clearly and he sees where he is from. He remembers who he is and then where he needs to go. He is no longer lost.

That is the heartbeat of this section of the website.

Jesus came to seek and save those who were lost.

John 3:16 says in the Bible. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him (found) should not perish  (lost) but have everlasting life. (found).