B.5: Laying down my life.

What has been your experience in laying your life down for someone else?

How costly was it?

A Story

Steve was a student at San Diego State University. He was not a Christian. He heard the good news of the Gospel of Christ. He was so excited about the change in his life in knowing Christ that he devoured the Bible and grew deeper in his relationship with Jesus. He came to hear Jesus say in Matthew…” Follow me and I will make you a fisher of men.” Steve took this so deeply to heart he wanted to see God give him men who would come to Christ. He eventually prepared himself to go overseas to reach men in the Philippines for Christ. He followed, and Jesus made him a “FISHER OF MEN.” Filipino men trusted Christ. What is the commitment Jesus is asking of his disciples?

When Jesus came into this world, he knew that he was going to lay his life down for us. This is represented in Philippians 2:5-10. When Jesus called his disciples to follow him, he explained the cost of following him. He never promised an easy road.

Digging Into The Bible

Let’s look at his model in Romans 5:8:

 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Discussion & Discovery

  1. What do you learn about God’s love and laying down his life for us?
  2. What else did Jesus do to show his love for us?
  3. What does it mean to be a sinner?

Application & Accountability

  1. How does that impress you?
  2. What would it mean to lay down your life in practical steps?

Digging Into The Bible (Part 2)

In Luke 9:23: Jesus said to his disciples:

If any man come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

Discussion & Discovery (Part 2)

  1. What did Jesus tell his disciples?
  2. What does it mean to take up your cross?
  3. How does one practically follow Jesus today?

Application & Accountability 2

  1. How does that relate to you?
  2. How do you respond to his instructions?
  3. What is your greatest fear in laying your life down for Christ?
  4. How can you take steps to go further in this decision?
  5. How will you know this is a conviction?

Digging In Deeper

  1. What is the most important part of this lesson to you? Explain.
  2. How do you see applying aspects of this lesson to your life?
  3. When do you feel would be the best time to make that application?
  4. What do you hear the Lord speaking to you about this right now?

Similar Verses In The Bible

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